Doing webdesign work for nothing. Who does it hurt?

Doing webdesign work for nothing. Who does it hurt?

You need a quality website, and your developer needs projects like yours to make money. You may think you have the leverage to pressure your web developer into doing free work, but in reality you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

As a customer you have to understand that it’s likely you’re paying a fixed fee for a specific project. This means that the developer evaluated the scope of work and has a certain budget for your project.

Asking your web developer to add work outside of the scope will take them quickly over budget, making the project less profitable for them.It is like taking your car into the shop and asking them to change your oil for free.

This results in a web partner who loses interest in your project.

So with this said, take the time, think out what you need and ask is there a form to fill out to cover ALL your needs.

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