The Website Price Game

The Website Price Game

As a leader in professional web design in Florida and abroad, I hear it all the time…”My cousin Vinnie (son, brother, daughter, uncle, kid in school, etc.) knows how to build a website and we can get it done really cheap.”  Unfortunately, nine out of ten times the product produced is not only months after you wanted it done, but also ineffective, cheap and provides next to nothing in added value to your business etc…

As the project goes on, the individual web designers or brother/friend/relative etc. etc. that can do it for cheap comes crawling back to me time and time again because their designer failed to deliver for a number of reasons including:

  •       Went out of business
  •       Doesn’t have enough time to complete  (or even start)
  •       Unavailable during normal hours (school or a job)
  •       Can’t deliver as promised
  •       Lack expertise (maybe still in diapers?)

A website is the face of YOUR business online, with more people searching online before searching any other media it needs to not only leave a visitor with a lasting impression, it should convert that visitor into a customer.  One area a business or organization should not cheap out on is their website design; it’s the number one tool to your marketing success.

A professional web design company keeps up with the latest trends in design themes, colors, layouts, content.  Although functionality is a large part of the web design process, a visually appealing and updated design will ensure you stay ahead of the competition.  If your web developer doesn’t know what responsive web design is, RUN FAST!

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