Update! Update!! Update!!!

Update! Update!! Update!!!

Updating applications, extensions, plugins and themes of your website

To close known security holes, you must ALWAYS UPDATE all applications, plugins, extensions and themes as soon as you have restored your backup.

Hattackers very often use security holes in plugins and themes. For this reason and others, make sure you update all of the sites plugins, extensions and themes, and check which ones you actually need. Some of them come with the package and are not needed and occupy space. Every plugin affects the security of your website. Weigh the benefits and risks before you decide to use a plugin.

Removing your website from blacklists

Google, Bing, Yahoo and many antivirus programs maintain blacklists for websites that are infected with malware. Websites on Google’s blacklist, for example, are removed from the search or at least punished with a lower ranking for the keywords of your website

You have changed all your passwords and imported a clean backup with all uupdates? Now is a good time to have your page removed from these blacklists.

Requesting a new malware review

If Google reported malware or unwanted software on your website, you can use the Google Webmaster Tools to request a new review. Google will check your page for malware again in the next 24 hours.

You can find the status of the review using the Google Webmaster Tools in the Search Console in the Security Issues section. Open Google Webmaster Tools

Attacks on websites are part of daily life of life on the Internet. If your website has been hacked ( and it might), you may initially feel a little shocked or asking why me. At this point, it is important to stay calm because you now know what to do and can act effectively


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