What Happens if You Aren’t Mobile Ready by April 21st?

What Happens if You Aren’t Mobile Ready by April 21st?

What Happens if You Aren’t Mobile Ready?

Google is not always upfront with information about how they evaluate and rank websites so when they tell you to make sure your site is mobile friendly, you should not take the suggestion lightly. You need to have a mobile ready website on or before April 21st, 2015. If you do not heed the warning you are only hurting your future business. Here are just a few things you can expect.

Your Bounce Rate Will Increase

When mobile internet users come to your site or find you through search engines, they expect to have a fast, smooth and user-friendly experience. But if your website does not load fast and present information in a way that can easily be accessed on the small screens of most mobile devices (smartphones), they will leave immediately or soon after. Consequently, your bounce rate will increase and Google will lower the rankings of your website because it thinks that users are not happy with the content you are providing. Simply put, people are going to leave your site and visit a competitor who HAS a mobile friendly site.

Not Mobile Friendly? Your stacksteroids.net

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